Moor Spa Cleansing Milk, Supreme Cream, Pumpkin Peel + Tension Balm Reviews

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Today I have a review of a selection of goodies from Moor Spa, a Canadian based company, that is 100% naturally sourced, and cruelty free. I received a PR package from them recently containing samples of the Cleansing Milk, Supreme Cream, Pumpkin Peel and Tension Balm in a cute little makeup bag [info in italics taken from the Moor Spa website]

Moor Spa Cleansing Milk, Supreme Cream, Pumpkin Peel, and Tension Balm

Moor Spa’s comprehensive face, body, spa and wellness line is inspired directly by the healing powers of nature. Our products all contain the exclusive Austrian Moor, a nutrient rich plant/flower/herbal complex that enhances skin’s health and appearance.


By combining the revitalizing, purifying Moor essence with plant derived cosmeceuticals, unadulterated herbal extracts and pure essential oils, Moor Spa delivers safe and effective solutions to meet your skin and body care needs.

Our products are not 95% or 99% natural, they are 100% naturally derived. Moor Spa is rated as one of the safest product lines in the spa industry by one of the leading consumer product safety organizations in North America.

Let’s take of look at each of the products that I received.

Cleansing Milk:

Moor Spa Cleansing Milk

A mild yet effective blend of cleansing and soothing extracts including chamomile, lavender and arnica.

The Cleansing Milk is targeted for dry and sensitive skin, but I can see it working for all skin types as it is very gentle and effective – lightweight, hydrating and non-greasy. It removes makeup effectively and does not make my skin feel irritated or dried out.

Supreme Cream:

Moor Spa Supreme Cream

Combines the intensely hydrating action of hyaluronate spheres, the rejuvenating effects of sweet potato extract and the anti-oxidant properties of CoEnzyme Q10 – all in one advanced moisturizer.

I really like this one, it is super hydrating and rich without feeling heavy or greasy. As well, it plays nicely with makeup. I think that this is so perfect for winter weather, and I love that it has anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients!

Pumpkin Peel:

Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel

This enzymatic exfoliant blends pumpkin pulp, carrot extract, papain and bromelain enzymes, for a healthy, refined appearance.

Although this peeling mask is not for sensitive skin, I’m happy to say that I was actually able to use this enzyme peeling mask without any problems for my sensitive skin. I did, however do a patch test on my wrist first, followed by a second patch test on my neck to test for skin reaction. My skin looks so smooth and glowy after using this peeling mask.

Tension Balm:

Moor Spa Tension Balm

This unique cream helps soothe away muscular tension and headaches including migraines. It combines moor extract with a wealth of soothing botanical extracts including feverfew, linden, peppermint and melissa.

I love this type of product – especially when it is filled with soothing ingredients. I love that it can be used for both headaches and muscle aches. And it smells nice too!

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: This was a PR package, however my opinion is based on my user experience.


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