Inkling Scents Roll-On Perfume Review in Sultry

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Today I’m reviewing the Inkling Scents Roll-On Perfume in Sultry that came in my March Petit Vour box. [info in italics taken from the Petit Vour website]

Inkling Scents Sultry

Wearing this smooth fragrance is the art of seduction. The base is creamy sandalwood and white amber, the heart is lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top is silky vanilla. The blend is provocative, but clean. This mix is deep and rich enough to leave you with a sense of pleasure.

This sounds like a perfect scent for me – a mix of woody / spicy and floral notes!

Inkling Scents Sultry

Perfume reviews are very subjective in my opinion. It is a combination of body chemistry and personal preference.

Sadly, this scent does not mix well with my body chemistry and pulls almost musky on me – the floral notes disappear completely! In the bottle it smells really pretty, so I might just use it to scent clothing, because it is quite lovely when not directly on my skin!

Inkling Scents Sultry

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, White Amber Essential Oil, Lotus Flower Essential Oil, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, Vanilla Natural Isolate

Have you tried this?

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: This came in my Petit Vour subscription that I paid for.


8 thoughts on “Inkling Scents Roll-On Perfume Review in Sultry

  1. Sorry this didn’t quite work out for you! It is interesting how scents can be different on certain materials, if I test perfume in store I spray it on my wrist and reserve my thoughts for 5-10 minutes to let it sit on my skin for a while and make a decision whether or not it works for me 🙂

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