Crüe Cosmetics Fast Growth Treatment Bundle – L’Ör Growth Serum Review

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Today I’m reviewing the part of the Fast Growth Treatment Bundle from Quebec based company, Crüe Cosmetics. I’ve been following this brand on Instagram for awhile and decided to purchase the Fast Growth Treatment Bundle out after reading a few of their blog posts about hair care. [info in italics taken from the Crüe Cosmetics website]

Crüe Cosmetics is a Montreal based company that specializes in the creation of products that are all natural, organic and vegan. The process involves the infusion of herbs and essential oils in order to produce highly efficient holistic products that are safe to use on hair and skin. We are passionate about delivering natural alternatives to hair and skin care and our products are all crafted and packaged by hand to maximize quality. We do not test on animals nor do we use any animal byproducts because we believe that within nature lies the cure to any ailment and we strive to use these solutions to help our customers. At Crüe Cosmetics, your beauty is in the hands of nature.

The Fast Growth Bundle is comprised of L’Ör Growth Serum and Neptüne Hydrating Oil. The serum is used on the scalp, and the oil is used on the hair for optimum healthy hair growth. I’ve been using them both for about two months now, so I feel ready to review them. Let’s take a look at the scalp serum:

L’Ör Growth Serum

L’Ör Growth Serum is a castor oil based serum infused with a special blend of herbs and organic essential oils such as: Ginger, Garlic, Black Pepper, Vetiver and Onion. These oils penetrate deep within the scalp to stimulate hair growth and maintain healthy hair and scalp. We also added 100% pure Rose essential oil and Sandalwood to assist in cooling the scalp and help treat and prevent dandruff. Castor oil has been used for centuries to improve hair growth due to its high ricinoleic acid content which balances the scalp’s pH level and increases circulation to the scalp. This unique combination of natural organic ingredients will improve the overall quality of your hair while accelerating hair growth.

I use the scalp serum once a week, sometimes once every week and a half. My scalp is very sensitive, and I find that it has been so much less easily irritated since I started using it. I also have a bunch of new hair growth – baby hairs. My hair tends to grow fairly quickly normally, but these days it seems like it is growing even faster! It does smell more like garlic and onions to my nose than vetiver, rose or sandalwood – but rinsing with apple cider vinegar after washing keeps the scent from sticking around, and gives my hair a crazy amount of shine!

I’ll be reviewing the Neptüne Hydrating Oil in a separate post this week!

Jamella, the owner of Crüe Cosmetics, calls each and every one of her customers and offers a hair consultation, and asks for feedback on the products. A very personal touch, one that I really appreciated!

Once I use up my current stash of hair masks, I’d like to try the Angëlia Hair Mask.

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: In case you missed it at the beginning, I purchased this!


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