Keratinworks Salon Treatment / Annie Young Boutique Spa Experience

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If you’ve been following my blog since last year, you will remember that I had been gifted a PR package from Keratinworks of their Keratinworks Pure product line (review is here). I’ve been using the entire product line since then, so I was super excited when BlendPR / Keratinworks reached out to invite me to have a Keratinworks Salon Treatment, hosted by the Annie Young Boutique Spa in Westmount.

I had not been to the Annie Young Boutique Spa before. It is such a beautiful space, and the staff there are so welcoming and so friendly! They do hair, manicure / pedicure, facials, massage, makeup – they do it all!

Let’s take a look at the Keratinworks Salon Treatment [infographic from Keratinworks PR kit / BlendPR].

Keratinworks Salon Treatment Info

There are three techniques – Botox, Classic and Super Smooth – depending on the level of volume reduction / smoothing that your hair needs. Because I prefer to wear my hair wavy, we chose the Botox Technique as it would allow me to keep my waves, while still eliminating frizz.

In my excitement, I only remembered to take one quick before photo – my hair had been blow dried with my Dyson and diffuser attachment, and minimal product – so that the salon could see my hair in its natural state and texture. Please note – I am in the process of growing out hair dye, and I’m due for a haircut.

Before Keratinworks Treatment

Emily applied my treatment, and explained the process each step of the way which I loved. First my hair was washed to remove any styling / product from my hair, before applying the Keratinworks Treatment from root to tip. Then my hair was wrapped in plastic, and I sat under the Processor / heat machine for approximately 45 minutes.

During Keratinworks Treatment

The plastic is then removed, and my hair was left to cool – maybe 10 minutes – I was reading a book so I’m not 100% sure how long the cool down took.

During Keratinworks Treatment

Next the treatment was partially rinsed out of my hair (about 20% should remain in the hair at this point).

During Keratinworks Treatment

Next, my hair was combed through and dried before “heat setting” the treatment with a flatiron passed a number of times over each section of my hair.

After Keratinworks Treatment

The entire process from start to finish took roughly three hours, and if taken care of, the results should last anywhere from 3 to 4 months, and in come cases, as long as 6 months!

After Keratinworks Treatment

They recommend using the Keratinworks Pure line as aftercare, and to avoid any hair products with sulfates, as they will ruin the results / cause the treatment to wear off quickly.

Keratinworks Pure

I was gifted the Keratinworks Pure line (shampoo, conditioner, hydrating hair mask, Liss BB-Cream and Crystal Serum) for after treatment care – which is wonderful because I absolutely love the products!

The first and most important aftercare advice was to wait at least 48 hours before washing my hair. I will post again with my results after washing and styling it myself as few times to let you all know how my waves behave.

Have you tried this salon treatment?

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: The Keratinworks Salon Treatment was hosted – thank you Keratinworks, Annie Young Boutique Spa and BlendPR. My thoughts and opinions are based on my experience.

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