EVOLVh SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner Review

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Today I have a little review of the EVOLVh SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner. EVOLVh is one of my favourite hair care brands, and I’ve tried a lot of their products – both gifted and self-purchased – so when I was asked if I wanted to the one of their Leave-In Conditioners, of course I said yes! I chose the SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner. [info in italics taken from the EVOLVh website]

EVOLVh SmartCurl Leave In Conditioner

This weightless wonder helps keep dry & frizzy curls on point. Powered by fatty acids-rich shea butter and coconut oil, this light-yet-hydrating formula strengthens strands, fends off flyaways and minimizes breakage while protecting hair from heat and UV damage. Finally, a leave-in conditioner for all curls types and low & high porosity hair,  that’s effective as it is easy.

EVOLVh SmartCurl Leave In Conditioner

This is one of those products that pretty much does it all – it hydrates, it detangles, it combats frizz, and it is a heat and UV protectant. And it does it all without making my hair feel heavy or gross.

EVOLVh SmartCurl Leave In Conditioner

I’ve previously tried and reviewed the SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner and the InstaVolume Elixir – both of which are great, it just depends on what your hair needs.

Have you tried this one?

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Disclosure: Product gifted. My opinion is always my own, and is based on my experience with the product.

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