Review – Wayne Goss Brushes #12, #06 and #04

In April I decided to replace three of my oldest and most worn make-up brushes as a birthday gift to myself. After reading a review by Brightly Colored Person, I knew that I had to try Wayne Goss’ brushes.

Wayne Goss is a make-up artist, and his YouTube channel has over 2 MILLION subscribers!

So what is the big deal with these brushes? Here’s a few points (taken from the Wayne Goss boutique on Beautylish):

Each brush was handcrafted by more than 20 artisans from start to finish. The collection was made in Kumano, Japan, a region known for constructing makeup brushes for the past 200 years.

The tips are never cut, leaving the softest natural hair bristles, sourced 100% cruelty-free.

Bristles are carefully bundled into a brass ferrule to prevent them from coming loose. The construction also ensures the smoothest makeup application.

Hornbeam, a wood known as “shide” in Japanese, was chosen for the handles for its durability and sturdiness.

Up first is brush #12:

Wayne Goss #12

Designed for contouring and highlighting with creams and powders, and amazing for bronzers and blushes. Its flat edge will give definition and dimension to the planes of the face.

Wayne Goss #12

This brush is so soft, I’ve used it for blushes, and highlighting with both pressed and loose powders. It works amazingly well. It sells for $53 USD.

Up next is brush #06:

Wayne Goss #06

Brush 06 is great for blending! With a bit of curve, it can blend multiple colors or pull eyeshadow out or up toward the brow. This brush is also great for applying and blending cream or liquid concealers.

Wayne Goss #06

I’ve been reaching for this one for both applying a wash of color, and for blending. It sells for $25 USD.

And last but not least, brush #04:

Wayne Goss #04

Brush 04 is a medium sized crease brush. It is perfect for detail work, like getting into the creases of smaller, more hooded eyes and concealing undereye bags. It’s large enough for highlighting and contouring, too.

Wayne Goss #04

I’ve been using this one for crease work, and especially for a smoky eye. It sells for $28 USD.

I’ve been exclusively using both #06 and #04 for my eyes, and haven’t used any of my other eye shadow brushes since I’ve gotten these ones!

Overall: Luxurious and super soft, I love the length and weight of the brush handles. The construction is high quality and with care, they will last for many (many) years.

I have my eyes on a few more of his brushes, especially the Holiday Brush, #07,  #18, and #20!

The brushes are so popular that they often sell out as fast as they are re-stocked on Beautylish.

All items reviewed were purchased by me!

Beautylish Unboxing

After my dear friend and fellow beauty blogger Daena from Brightly Colored Person had posted a review of Wayne Goss brushes: I knew that I had to try them. So when the Wayne Goss brushes were finally in stock once again, I placed my very first order with Beautylish on March 30th.

My package came today, and I am so impressed because usually packages take at least 5 to 7 business days, and more often than not, 7 to 10! Let’s start with the packaging:


 Super cute, right? Just wait! Each item was wrapped! Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at the Brash Attitude House

I need a better storage solution for my make-up! I have four clear plastic boxes to hold all of my make-up. It used to be enough. But now, things are in layers, so if I need something, I have to dig through until I find what I need. It is a bit of a mess!

I can either get a few more of the same clear plastic boxes, or try a totally different storage solution.

behind the scenes1

How do you store your make-up? I’d love to know about your storage solution!

I keep my brushes in a glass so that the bristles don’t get damaged. But I saw a brush tree on the Beautylish instagram today that I must have, because it is perfect for drying your make-up brushes after cleaning them.

Isn’t it perfect? I might have to get one!