What’s in my bag? (Daily purse edition)

Since several of you have shown me your “what’s in my bag” posts, I thought I would show you mine, haha.

So here we go, this is my go-to daily bag from Matt & Nat, it has a long cross-body strap and a shorter shoulder strap. I mostly use the cross-body strap. This one isn’t listed on their site anymore sadly.


Under  the flap is a small pocket – in here is where I keep my house keys, subway card and a small change pouch for bus money in case I forgot to top up my card. My key chain is a jumble of bits – a climbing carabiner, a tag with my name on it from Florida, a heart shaped key ring (from a Betsey Johnson keychain that broke), and a mini screw driver for my glasses. There used to be a mini Maglight on there too, but I took it off to replace the batteries, and haven’t put it back on yet.


Next is a top view of my bag, as you can see, there is a zippered section and a snap closure section:


Inside the zippered section is where I keep my Moleskine agenda, a couple of pens, my Betsey Johnson prescription sunglasses (if I’m wearing my contacts, the sunglasses will be one of the several pairs I own), a pack of mints, and a small canvas shopping bag.


In the snap closure part of the bag, I have my giant Matt & Nat wallet, my phone (here’s my current case by Caitlyn Hackett) and my earphones. *I’m actually using the phone to take these photos*


And here’s the contents on the little zip pocket inside the snap closure section. This is where I keep a sunscreen sample pack, kleenex, allergy eye drops, eyeglass cleaner and cloth, band-aid blister stick, Urban Decay powder compact, whatever lipstick that I happen to be wearing, and of course, a Haus of Gloi lip balm.


Other things that are usually found in my purse, but weren’t actually in there this morning, are a notebook (if I’m working), my pink animal print blog idea notebook, my kindle, a hair elastic, and a small pouch (for emergency tampons, pads, pain killers etc). Not pictured is my small pastel rainbow Fulton umbrella because it seems to have wandered away. (This is a tragedy!!!)


Thanks for reading!!! ❤

Behind the Scenes at the Brash Attitude House

I need a better storage solution for my make-up! I have four clear plastic boxes to hold all of my make-up. It used to be enough. But now, things are in layers, so if I need something, I have to dig through until I find what I need. It is a bit of a mess!

I can either get a few more of the same clear plastic boxes, or try a totally different storage solution.

behind the scenes1

How do you store your make-up? I’d love to know about your storage solution!

I keep my brushes in a glass so that the bristles don’t get damaged. But I saw a brush tree on the Beautylish instagram today that I must have, because it is perfect for drying your make-up brushes after cleaning them.

Isn’t it perfect? I might have to get one!