Weekly Recap July 3rd to 9th

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Just a little recap of the past week’s blog posts in case you’ve missed out on anything…

Monday July 3rd – June 2017 Empties

Thursday July 6th – Taming My Hair with the Conair Straightening Brush

This coming week I’ll be posting on Monday and Thursday, I’ll be continuing with this posting schedule for the rest of the month.

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Taming my Hair with the Conair Straightening Brush

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Today I have a review of the new Straightening Brush from Conair Canada that was sent to me via the lovely folks at Brill Communications (Thank You!).



The Conair Straightening Brush is a heated paddle brush with ceramic technology – which is supposed to reduce damage and increase shine, and is said to be capable of smoothing and straightening in one pass. It heats up really quickly (to 375 F / 190 C) and is fairly easy to use. The paddle brush has both nylon and ceramic coated bristles.



If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that my hair is fairly long – about bra strap length in the back, thick, wavy and very prone to frizz. Despite this, I try to limit my use of heated tools – no daily use of blow dryers, flat irons or curling wands. That isn’t to say that I never use them, I actually own several heated tools.



My hair in its natural state – taken varying summer humidity conditions so you can see how wavy / thick / unruly my hair is:



The first time I used the Straightening Brush I just used it the same way that I would brush my hair to see how my hair would react instead of taking the time and following the step by step instructions. As you can see in the photo below, it smoothed the frizz and turned my hair into smoother waves and much less frizz. I always get a bit of frizz around the top of my head no matter what, which can easily be controlled with a bit of anti-frizz hair goop.

Conair Canada / Brill Communications

I’ve mostly been using the Straightening Brush to tame frizz and smooth out my waves instead of straightening my hair as my hair is so thick that it looks weird fully straightened.

All in all, I think that the Straightening Brush works well for smoothing and taming frizz. Once I get my hair cut and more layers added in, I’ll try using it to fully straighten my hair – and will have a subsequent blog post.

Have you tried this one? Or a similar hair tool?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! Thanks also to Conair Canada / Brill Communications! ❤

Disclosure: PR sample, but my opinion is my own, based on my personal experience.

Flickable Lip Gloss Pops!

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Today I have a sweet treat to share with you – Flickable Lip Gloss Pops – which just arrived in Canada and are available at Hudson’s Bay stores.

This super cute package arrived on my doorstep last week from Flickable / Brill Communications. (Thank you!)

Flickable Lip Gloss Pops

Here’s some info on the Flickable Lip Gloss Pop (taken from their press release):

Vibrant, unique and fresh, Flickable is a decadent gloss that comes in a nostalgic lollipop case; making it a guilt-free treat for your lips. Voted one of Hudson Bay’s Top Spring Picks, Flickable lip glosses are a necessary addition to anyone’s beauty blender. The Canadian launch is well-timed, with Google Trends reporting vegan beauty and skincare as hot searches on-the-rise for 2017.

Flickable Lip Gloss Pops

With outstanding sparkle and shine, the gloss gives a hint of natural volume that plumps and primes, addressing all of your lips’ needs.


Cosmetics as seductive as candy, the glosses come in five deliciously witty flavours and colours that compliment every skin tone and style with scents that will irresistibly stimulate the senses: Better Off Red 01: Berry,  Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy 02: Passion Fruit, Citrus How We Do 03: Tangerine,  Toffee Talk 04: English Toffee [and] Fight for Your White to Party 05: Sugar Cookie

Flickable Lip Gloss Pops

First off, the packaging is adorable! But more importantly, Flickable Lip Gloss Pops are cruelty-free and vegan. They are comfortable and not at all sticky on the lips, making my lips feel smooth and soft. The moisture level is on par with some of my fave lip balms!

Flickable Lip Gloss Pops

Each of the five Lip Gloss Pops has a slight tint, and its own scent and flavour.  From left to right – Fight For Your White To Party (sugar cookie), Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy (passion fruit), Citrus How We Do It (tangerine), Better Off Red (berry) and Toffee Talk (english toffee).

Flickable Lip Gloss Pops

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Disclosure: PR package, however my opinions are based on my experience in using the product(s).