Sephora Birthday Gift 2022 – Ilia Set

Hello, hello – welcome to / welcome back to A Brash Attitude. April is my birthday month, so I got my annual Beauty Insider gift. There was a choice of four different gifts, and I chose the Ilia set, as this was a brand that I’d never tried before. [info in italics taken from the Sephora Canada website]

Ilia Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2022

Ilia Birthday Gift Set featuring Fullest Volumizing Mascara mini, Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil in Shade Only You mini, and Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment sample.

Ilia Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2022

– Fullest Volumizing Mascara – A clean, volumizing mascara that wraps each lash in weightless, buildable volume without flaking, smudging, or irritating even the most sensitive eyes.

When I first applied the mascara, it made my lashes look long, and dark, but didn’t give much volume as I’d hoped, even with two coats. It was smudge proof and water resistant, but sadly does not hold a curl for me. I’d score this mascara a 5 out 7 – taking off points for volume and curl holding.

Ilia Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2022

– Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil in Shade Only You – A cushiony, tinted lip oil in a universal neutral nude shade that’s packed with plumping hyaluronic acid and major moisturizing properties to leave lips soft, smooth, and anything but sticky.

The Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil is really nice. It is hydrating and not at all sticky. The shade is a really nice nude. I really like it a lot.

Ilia Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2022

– Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment – An overnight lip treatment with clean ingredients that helps reveal your smoothest, softest lips.

The Lip Wrap sample is so tiny! Not enough to review, but enough for a first impression. It reminds me of the Bite Beauty Lip Mask. I think I’d like to buy myself a full size!

Have you tried any of these from Ilia? Which Sephora Beauty Insiders gift did you chose this year?

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: Annual freebie gift for Sephora Beauty Insiders.

Three Ships Lip Treatment Kit Review

Hello, hello – welcome to / welcome back to A Brash Attitude!

Today I’m reviewing the Three Ships Lip Treatment Kit that came in my Spring CAUSEBOX. As you all know, I adore lip products, so I had high hopes for this. [info in italics taken from the Three Ships website, and kit packaging]

Here’s a little bit of info about this Toronto based, Canadian brand:

We embrace this less is more mindset and use this philosophy to chart our course as a company. We believe you don’t need a long list of unnecessary ingredients in your skincare products, and you don’t need a 12 step skincare routine to achieve beautiful results.


Our goal was to solve the problems we faced as consumers and create the most effective and affordable natural skincare products available.

This is why every Three Ships product is made with 100% natural ingredients and is certified cruelty-free. It’s why nothing goes to market unless it has been scientifically proven to work. And it’s why all of our products will forever be under $40 USD.

The Three Ships Lip Treatment Kit is composed of the Vanilla Lip Exfoliator, and the Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask. Let’s look at the Lip Exfoliator first:

This triple-action scrub exfoliates and conditions lips. Fine sugar crystals remove dry skin / flakes and make lips look plump and full while natural shea butter and oils hydrate and soothe. This scrub contains zero artificial colors and is naturally flavoured with vanilla.

This is a beautiful lip scrub, it mega exfoliates, but at the same time adds so much hydration. My lips are SO SMOOTH after I use this!

Now, let’s take a look at the Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask:

Natural oils of sunflower, coconut and avocado deeply replenish moisture to dry lips. Use overnight for extra soft lips when you wake up.

As a lip balm addict, this lip mask is a DREAM! So hydrating. It can be used night and day!

The combination of the scrub and mask is the perfect recipe for achieving soft and smooth lips!

Have you tried this kit?

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: In case you missed it at the beginning, this kit came in my CAUSEBOX subscription box that I paid for.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review

Hello, hello!

Today I have a review of the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I’d gotten a sample of it in my recent Sephora mini-haul (birthday gift to me from me) as one of the three free samples with purchase, and immediately after trying it, ordered a full size of the Agave Lip Mask using part of the birthday money that my parents sent to me.

The sample contains a small amount of each of their three lip masks – champagne (rose gold pearl), natural (clear), and smashed (sheer candy apple red).

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I decided to get the full size in natural, to use at bedtime figuring that it would make less of a mess on my pillow cases.

Here’s a little info on the Agave Lip Mask (info in italics taken from Sephora)

What it is:
A soothing, leave-on lip mask that replenishes moisture.

What it does:
This innovative formula smooths, nourishes, and hydrates lips with a bioactive blend of organic agave nectar, jojoba oil, vanilla co2 extract, and triple the amount of the antioxidant trans-resveratrol found in red wine.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip MaskBite Beauty Lip Mask6

This stuff is amazing! It is long wearing and highly moisturizing! I find that I don’t need to apply it as often as I would most lip balms. It is a little pricy at $30 for roughly half an ounce of product, but a little goes a long way. I’ve read that a tube can last at least a year – we will see how long it takes me to finish it!

I only have one small complaint about the product – it is a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube, especially when I first opened it.

I’d like to try the lip scrub at some point, and get a few more of the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks – review of my second one later this week!

Have you tried the Bite Beauty Lip Mask? What did you think of it? Are you a lip balm addict like me?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: Sample was free with purchase, full size was purchased with birthday monies from my awesome parents.