Hi, welcome to a brash attitude!

To have a brash attitude is to be assertive, confident, bold, audacious, and daring.

For one person, being brash might be to try a color or product that they wouldn’t normally think of using. For someone else, it might mean super-bold, dramatic or in-your-face type make-up look. Both are wonderful and should be encouraged!

I’ve dealt with having uber-sensitive skin my entire life so trying new things can be daunting. I’ve reacted to products that are baby-safe. Soaps and bubble baths, mascaras and lip balms, you name it, I can probably tell you that I’ve had a reaction to it!  Having sensitive skin does not mean that you have to miss out on amazing products, you just have to be a little more cautious about the products that you use. I read the ingredients labels and I test EVERYTHING on my wrist before it touches anywhere else on my body or face.  Because really, there is nothing worse than submerging yourself in a bubble bath only to suddenly fee the onset of a head to toe allergic reaction. Trust me, it sucks! Sensitive does not have to mean BORING! Continue reading