Cumulative Empties Sep 2021 to Feb 2022

Empties Sep 21 to Feb 22 Skincare

Hello, hello – welcome to / welcome back to A Brash Attitude!

Today I have my empties that I’ve accumulated over the past six months. There actually should be more, but I think that a few things got misplaced or recycled.


Empties Sep 21 to Feb 22 Skincare

Made for Me Hydrating Moisturizer and Brightening C Serum (*PR Gifted) – Both the moisturizer and serum are amazing, and I’d would highly recommend both of them. I have a bunch of serums and moisturizers to use up in my stash, but I would purchase these. Reviews are here.


Empties Sep 21 to Feb 22 Haircare

Garnier Fructis Hydrating Treat Conditioner (Aloe Extract) – This is a great budget friendly conditioner. I would re-purchase this eventually – but right now I’m committed to using the Keratinworks line to maintain my hair post salon treatment. Review is here.

EVOLVh Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner (*PR Gifted) and Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo – Both are amazing, and I could see myself purchasing eventually. Reviews are here and here.

Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray – This is a great product for enhancing my wavy hair and giving it that beachy wave effect. I would re-purchase eventually. Review is here.

Noughty To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment – An awesome budget friendly hair mask – I loved this, and would likely repurchase. Review is here.

Bath and Body:

Empties Sep 21 to Feb 22 Bodycare

Haus of Gloi Lily Cake Bubbling Scrub (*This was birthday gift) – I love the bubbling scrubs from Haus of Gloi. I’ve purchased them many times over the years in different scents, and will do so again eventually.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream – I’ve purchased this several times, and will do so again eventually. It is such an amazing body cream. Review is here.

Naturewell Hydrolyzed Collagen Moisture Cream (*PR gifted) – Another amazing body cream. Great for winter dryness. I would purchase this one as it is super effective and budget friendly. Review is here.

Lowen’s Natural Skincare Salt of the Earth Sea Salt Scrub – I would definitely re-purchase this body scrub. It smells amazing, its super hydrating, and exfoliates really well. Review is here.


Empties Sep 21 to Feb 22 Makeup

Flower Beauty Warrior Princess Mascara – I liked this mascara, scored it a 6.25 out of 7. It was good, but not holy grail for me. Review is here.

Essence Cosmetics Bye Bye Panda Eyes! and #Lashes of the Day Mascaras – Bye Bye Panda Eyes I scored 6.25 out of 7, but I found that this mascara got better over time. I would buy this one again, because it improved, so I’d increase the score to 6.75 out of 7. Lashes of the day scored higher at 6.5 out of 7, but it didn’t get any better over time, so I don’t think I would repurchase. Reviews are here and here.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara – This mascara scored a 6 out of 7. It was good, but not great for me. I’ve tried and liked other Covergirl mascaras better. Review is here.

So did you finish up many products over the past couple of months?

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: All products disclosed above, and in the original blog post reviews. My opinion is my own regardless of if I purchased it, or if it was gifted.

Empties – August 2021

Hello, hello – welcome to / welcome back to A Brash Attitude!

Today I have my empties for the month of August. I didn’t finish up a ton of things this month, but progress is progress when it comes to using things up, and not letting them go to waste. I’ll link you to my original reviews and let you know if I would purchase / re-purchase (eventually) or not.

Empties August 2021

Garnier Skinactive UltraLift Night Cream – Purchased by me. This was a nice night cream, super hydrating, but because it is so highly scented, I would not purchase it again – unless they made an unscented / fragrance free version.

Noughty To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment – Purchased by me. I love this hair mask, it has a light sweet almond scent (not over-scented), and makes my hair so soft and hydrated. I would buy this again eventually.

Sun Bum Mineral Tinted Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 30 Review – Purchased by me. I had this on my face about 80% of the time all summer, so yeah, I love it. I would buy this again.

Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Even Tone Daily Moisturizer SPF30 – Purchased by me. I used this moisturizer with SPF daily all summer. It is lightweight, hydrating and non-greasy. It isn’t as highly scented as the night cream above. I do prefer mineral SPFs more, but would buy this in a pinch again.

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum – Purchased by me. This is a great “starter retinol”, super gentle. I might buy it again. I have a few retinol serums on my wishlist that I want to try.

So that’s it – everything that I managed to finish over the past month! Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: I purchased all these things! And I might purchase them again!

Noughty Haircare To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment Review

Hello, hello! Welcome to / welcome back to A Brash Atttitude!

Today I have a review of the Noughty Haircare To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment – I purchased it for myself a few weeks ago. [info in italics taken from the Shoppers Drug Mart website]

Noughty To The Rescue 1

This intensive treatment rescues thirsty hair for a storybook smooth ending. A deeply hydrating mask to rejuvenate and restore the thirstiest, most over-processed hair, packed with sweet almond and black oat extracts to hydrate, restructure and transform hair in distress. Black oat extract is packed with natural water reservoirs like amino acids and polysaccharides. It’s been shown to improve the structure of the hair surface by up to 43% making it easier to comb and boosting gloss. Lecithin enhances the hair’s natural barrier, smoothing each shaft to renew its surface. Meadowfoam oil, rich in long chain fatty acids, helps to trap moisture in the hair shaft, rejuvenating hair for a healthy-looking mane. Argan oil, rich in frizz-taming essential fatty acids, helps to increase hair’s elasticity. Luxurious Morrocan argan and almond scent.

Noughty To The Rescue 5

My hair is definitely frizz prone and somewhat dry at the ends, but it is not damaged as I haven’t been colouring my hair, nor have I been heat styling. I chose this hair mask as it sounded like a great choice to tame frizz and hydrate my wavy hair. My hair is so soft after I use this mask and it doesn’t feel weighed down or waxy.

Noughty To The Rescue 2

The texture of this hair mask is very much like a softly set custard, and the scent is mildly nutty from the argan oil and almond. I can smell something else, but I haven’t quite been able to identify what it smells like to me.

Noughty To The Rescue 3

This is the first product that I’ve tried from Noughty Haircare. But I don’t think that it will be the last one!

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: I purchased this!