Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets Gift Set Review

Hello, hello! I recently received a beautiful gift set from Sothys Canada / PozPub of the new Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets which contains La Crème (Cream) as well as La Creme Yeux-Lèvres (Eye and Lip Cream) from the Prestige / Premium line. I have reviewed the Crème Jeunesse from their regular line and used it all last winter. [info in italics taken from Sothys website and from the booklet included in the gift set]

Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets - La Crème and La Crème Yeux-Lèvres

Les Secrets de Sothys line is made with “latest-generation active ingredients for a complete resolution that protects and visibly reveals the skin’s youthfulness”. Let’s take a look at the science behind the products:

  1. To visibly preserve youthfulness via Telomere Innovation (DNA sequences) with Red Algae, rich in Linear Galactanes to preserve cellular longevity, and via Vitagene Innovation with Peach Leaf Glucans to strengthen the skin’s natural defences.
  2. To visibly reveal youthful skin via Double Action Innovation on Lox Protein  and Intracellular Glycation and Cytoskeleton Innovation with Extract of Retinol-Like Chicory and Hypnea Algae Rich in Galactanes for skin structure (epidermis and dermis) and elasticity.


Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets - La Crème and La Crème Yeux-Lèvres

The packaging of the gift set is beautiful, with a double door opening and a black velvet flocked interior. The plastic jars are heavy and look beautiful.

Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets - La Crème and La Crème Yeux-Lèvres

La Creme / The Cream:

Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets - La Crème

This exceptional youth skincare reveals some of its secrets as soon as it is applied: its wonderful active texture forms a biomimetic satin film with a lifting effect on the skin’s surface and its delicate fragrance is an invitation to a feeling of well-being.

Day after day, this universal cream treats the skin to a complete action on youth to combat the visible signs of ageing. Record efficiency, day after day: – Smoothing: +37% (experimental scoring*) – Improved firmness: +30% (clinical measurements using a cutometer*) * on 20 people after 30 days of twice daily application


This cream is super rich, but fast absorbing, great for normal to dry skin. I think that it might be too a little  heavy if you have oily skin. It leaves the skin with a very satiny feeling and seems to plump out / blur fine lines and wrinkles as it smooths the skin. It can be used as both a day cream and a night cream.

The Cream, however, is a little more scented than I prefer, but the scent does fade to nothing very quickly. It is a peachy, slightly floral scent. Thankfully it does not trigger a reaction in my sensitive skin.

La Crème Yeux-Lèvres / Eye and Lip Cream:

Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets - La Crème Yeux-Lèvres / Eye and Lip Cream

This balm with a melting texture creates a smoothing film on the skin’s surface, bringing about a feeling of comfort and an immediate lift effect in the eye and lip contour.

Day after day, this 2-in-1 formula targets the specific problems of these two areas of the face which are extremely sensitive to ageing. Results that are visible: Number of wrinkles: -30% after 15 days and -38% after 30 days* Dark circles: -25% after 30 days** Puffiness: -17% after 30 days** * Instrumental measurements. Average results on the eye contour from 21 people after twice-daily use. ** Expert scoring. Average results on the eye contour from 21 people after twice-daily use.

Les Secrets de Sothys / Sothys Secrets - La Crème Yeux-Lèvres / Eye and Lip Cream

Now this targeted eye and lip cream is super rich. I’ve mostly only been using it as an eye cream, and it does help with fine lines and puffiness. It does help to brighten the undereye area somewhat, but I until I use it for a longer time, I won’t comment on dark circle effectiveness.

The Eye and Lip Cream plays nicely with my Becca Brightening Undereye Concealer, and  it does not have any added fragrance – which I like a lot – which means that it does not irritate my sensitive eyes.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: PR samples, however my opinion is based on my personal experience of using the products.


Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask Review

Hello, hello!

Today I have a review of the Restorative Hair Mask from Kariderm that was recently sent to me from PozPub and Kariderm (Thank you!). Kariderm is a Canadian company (Quebec based) – here’s a little info on them [taken from the Kariderm website]:

Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask

Founded in 1998, Flash Beauté Inc. conceives, manufactures and distributes the KARIDERM products, maintaining its leader position in its domain: natural personal care products made with shea butter.

In order to reach this target, we have established a tight partnership with a women cooperative of shea butter producers in Burkina Faso, the Songtaaba Association or ASY.

In this context, our personal commitment during several trips on the field enabled us to define several cooperation and assistance projects targeting not only the quality and market image of shea butter, but mostly the working conditions of women, their incomes and self-development perspectives.

We are leaders in the field because we commit to offering effective products made with active natural ingredients of the highest quality in the goal of obtaining products that offer adaptive results for our clients, always minimising risks of skin reactions or allergies.

Our products are voluntarily tested by our personnel and we never test our products on animals.

Our production line uses a system that is designed to generate the least possible waste. All our raw materials are biodegradable and our plastic, metallic or cellulosic (paper and carton) waste is recycled.

Wonderful company mission and values!

Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask

Now onto the review. The Kariderm high performance hair line includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Stimulator.

Reminder  – my hair is past my shoulders in length, thick, wavy and extremely frizz prone.

Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask

The Restorative Hair Mask is an intensive treatment for damaged hair with organic shea butter and other ingredients such as Argan, Baobab, and Black Cumin Oil.

  • Deeply nourishes and conditions hair
  • Helps restore hair fibre
  • Hydrates and soothes dry or itchy scalp
  • Leaves hair silky smooth

The Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask is for both the scalp and hair. Normally I only use a hair mask on the mid-length and ends of my hair, but decided to try this one all over.

Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask

After applying it to freshly washed, damp hair, I left it on for roughly 30 minutes instead of the recommended 10 to 15 before rinsing it out. It has a faint tingle on the scalp (the pleasant kind). The scent is mild and herbal – I really like it!

After rinsing it out really well, I decided to let my hair air dry without adding any styling product to see how my hair would be in its natural state.

My hair was SUPER MEGA SOFT! And dried in the most beautiful waves with only minimal frizz near the top of my head! My hair has been so much easier to manage for days after using this hair mask!

Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask

Do you have a fave hair mask?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: PR sample. However, my opinion (and unruly hair) is entirely my own!